Behind the Rebrand

Melvin Adame

Melvin Adame

The thought behind the rebrand of Solution Oliver and behind the merge of Upland Hosting & UI Design.

Hello friends!

We want to address the latest rebrand and the process of this delicate change from Upland Hosting & UI Design + Hosting merging to become Solution Oliver.

Like many of the first-time customers that started with us back in May 2015, they knew us as Upland Hosting offering strictly web hosting plans. We prided ourselves in having a web hosting platform that’s faster, secure & eco-friendly.

We launched our website design & development services through UI Design + Hosting in January 2016. We had an initial success with this service and learned so much from different entrepreneurs, businesses & creative teams. After designing & developing 14 website projects throughout 2016, we had seen the many mistakes and opportunities missed by people like us, entrepreneurs.

While developing & designing our big solution for every business, Upland Hosting launched domain name purchasing & add-ons for your website from SSL certificates, website backup tools, website security tools & VPN services. Then UI Design launched it’s graphic design services to businesses and individuals.

May 2018 is the month Solution Oliver becomes our official brand with Upland Hosting & UI Design under the same brand. After 2 years of developing a custom request platform with a solution to businesses & entrepreneurs on a dependable online team for their website’s need. We continually saw websites we built for client’s get outdated, need changes, get requested new features or change promotion banners.

There is No Such Thing As a Finished Website!

Melvin Adame

Our Standard plan was released to a limited amount of users for Beta testing in January 2019. We soon realized that it wasn’t just websites that were needing a dedicated team. We saw an immediate need for graphics for their websites alone plus social media, emails, printables & much more. We then introduced our Pro plan to an even smaller amount of users for testing in May 2019.

We are happy to announce the fully released Standard & Pro plans to the public all under the Solution Oliver brand. A solution with our number one priority for dependability. UI Design + Hosting becomes Solution Oliver. Upland Hosting becomes Solution Oliver. Loyal as a dog, trustworthy, attentive & knowledgable as Solution Oliver.

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