The Website Launch Checklist

website launch checklist
Melvin Adame

Melvin Adame

A Website Launch Checklist to help you go through the journey of having a successful website and make sure the launch goes smoothly & error-free.

While embarking on a journey, the first thing we do to ensure that we are well prepared for the journey is to make a checklist and then tick mark it as we pack. 

For any process to run smoothly and be error-free, a checklist at hand is a must, to see that all necessary precautions are not overlooked. Similarly, when you launch your website, it is a crucial step in your business as it markets your skills, products or ideas. Thus, having a fool-proof website launch checklist is a must for a smooth-running website.

  • Content:
    • Select a proper layout for the website
    • Check for any typo errors, spelling, and grammar.
    • Ascertain that the content is relevant to the theme of the website.
    • Writing style should be consistent and easy flowing for interesting reading.
    • All links within the site should work properly across various platforms.
    • The matter should be proofread for proper sentence structure and punctuation.
    • Audios, videos, and images in the site should easily open in various browsers. (browser compatibility test)
  • Design:
    • Website design should reflect the core content of the site for easy identification.
    • Favicon is necessary inclusion to distinguish your site to the user, especially in   the bookmarks tab.
    • The presence of the 404 pages. Most of the times users encounter this “page not found” message and need to be guided to some other tab like the home page or other. Many overlook this aspect and users get stuck during surfing.
    • Check images to ensure that they are suitable for different resolutions of the various devices.
  • SEO ready content:
    • Every page should have a relevant title according to the content.
    • The data input on the page should be appropriate with the title so that it is easily on SEO radar.
    • Content related title for the page makes it an easy inclusion in search engines.
  • Browser compatibility check:
    • Just when one feels happy with the layout and design of the website, there is a rude shock that the pages do not open in the same manner in all browsers.
    • The most commonly used net browsers are Chrome, Internet Explorer (different versions), Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and iPhone.
    • Ensure through the compatibility test that the images and content open smoothly across various platforms without breaking.
  • Links and RSS links:
    • Make sure that the links are highlighted within the content for easy recognition.
    • Do not underline any data in the text to avoid confusion for the user into believing that it is a link.
    • Users should be able to subscribe to the newsreel or blogs on the website. Thus, the insertion of an RSS link is a must to guide the users to the feed.
  • Sitemap and Analytics:
    • Indexing of the website is done through the sitemap.
    • Create a sitemap.xml file and upload it in the root directory.
    • For WordPress users, installing Google XML Sitemap plug-in ensures automatic updates of new posts 
    • Adding a sitemap and website to Google Search Console for easy tracking of updates.
    • Install an analytic tool like Google Analytics or others to keep a track of the traffic to your site.
  • Protection, Validation, and Optimization:
    • Validate the website and obtain an SSL certificate.
    • Protect the website against spam or intruders.
    • Optimize the images for speed, compress JavaScript for faster loading of the page and reduce HTTP requests.
  • Testing usability of site:
    • Ensure that the pages open effortlessly on clicking.
    • Test the links, forms, and various navigation buttons.
    • Link your site to social media for the wider user base.

These steps will ensure that your website is successful after launch, with dedicated traffic and likes. For any help regarding website hosting, a trusted name Solution Oliver is available at all times. Visit the site

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